Band Members:

Dennis Green, JHHS, ‘67

“Boots” Wallace

Jesse Alphonso


Carmen Camplese (guitar)

John Semplis (bass)

The above information provided by Mike Davis, Norman Gaines

and Joe Caloiero

Left to Right:  James Wells (bass guitar), Alfred Stewart (bass singer), Ken “Boots” Wallace (2nd tenor), Vernon Manning (falsetto), Larry McKenion (1st tenor), Stanley Green (lead singer), Ross Mounds (lead singer).

Front:  Jessie Alphanso (percussion), Robert “Hub” Franklin (lead singer).

   The band formed in 1960 by John Harris classmates, Jessie Alphanso and Larry McKenion. They frequently played at the Oaks in York and, on their own turf, played regularly at the Superette Market/Dance Hall. The Sentries never landed a record deal, but recorded a five song demo at Gross Studios, Mechanicsburg, in 1962. They were often mistakenly identified as the Thundering Centuries, a misnomer which lead to at least  one spin-off, or copy-cat group, the Lightning Decades.