The photos provided by Denny Woolridge.

Early Legends (‘64-’65):

above, clockwise from left:

Dave Hartman, Danny Hartman,

Denny Woolridge, Ralph Schwartz

l-r, Larry Swartzwelder, Dan Hartman,

Denny Woolridge, Ralph Schwartz

l-r, Dan Hartman, Ralph Schwartz, 

Denny Woolridge, Larry Swartzwelder

l-r: Dan Hartman, Larry Swartzwelder Ralph Schwartz, 

                                     Denny Woolridge

Check out this MySpace link for more information about the Legends.

Check out this link to Arf Arf Records for the Legends’ CD. Recordings were made during the mid and late ’60’s, and include 2 songs by the Donshires.

Original Band Members:

Dave Hartman (guitar/vocals)

Ralph Schwartz (drums)

Greg Neville (guitar)

Band Members (‘64-’65):

Dave Hartman (guitar/vocals)

Ralph Schwartz (drums)

Denny Woolridge (bass)

Dan Hartman (keyboard/vocals)

Band Members (‘65-’68):

Ralph Schwartz (drums)

Denny Woolridge (bass)

Dan Hartman (keyboard/vocals)

Larry Swarztwelder (guitar)

Band Members (‘68-’71):

Dan Hartman (guitar/vocals)

Joe Caloiero (bass/vocals)

Larry Sadler (drums)

Other Members:

Mike Smisl (drums) (late ’66-‘67)

Derrick Parsons (bass) (late ’66-‘67)

Dave Copp (bass) (‘67-’68)

Dean Lescallette (guitar/vocals) (‘71-’73)

Gene Brenner (guitar/vocals) (‘73-’75)

Joe Abbondanza (‘75-’76)

Steve Szady (Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals)

   The Legends played from 1964 to 1975. During this time, the Legends were one of the most successful, and longest lasting, ‘60s rock bands, originating from the Harrisburg area.

   Forming in 1964 with friends, Dave Hartman (guitar/vocasl), Ralph Schwartz (drums) and Greg Neville (guitar), the Legends started playing locally. Within a year, Dave's brother, Dan Hartman (keyboard/vocals) joined, Greg Neville left and Denny Woolridge (bass) came on board. The band played a range of music from surf, to Motown, to British and American rock then, later, leaning to psychedelic, playing in the local fire halls, ballrooms and VFW's. By September '65, Dave Hartman left to join the Navy and Larry Swartzwelder (guitar), joined as the fourth member.


   During the mid '60s (’65-’66), this core group (Ralph, Denny, Dan and Larry) were the Legends, playing at all the local venues and band battles.

   By late 1966, there were more member changes. Mike Smisl (drums) and Derrick Parsons (bass) came on board to replace Ralph and Denny, when they left. Ralph and Denny  later came back after a short absence. By that time, Dan Hartman had became a strong influence on the group and had begun writing songs that the Legends recorded. The band began leaning towards a more psychedelic style of music. By '68-'69, Dan was firmly in charge and the remaining members left, being replaced by Joe Caloiero (previously from the Donshires) and Larry Sadler.

   In 1971, Dan left to join the Edgar Winters group and the Legends carried on with Larry Swartzwelder returning and several other new members.

   The Legends continued to play in the regional area, trying to break into the recording business. But, by '72-73 efforts to establish contracts with record executives failed and the group disbanded, followed by a brief revival in 1975.

   A compilation CD was put together by Arf-Arf Records consisting of a recording session at the Progress fire hall and some recordings the group made during the late ‘60s.