Joe Caloiero and Loren Peck currently have a jazz band.

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The photos and information

provided by Jerry Musser/Joe Caloiero.

Band Members:

Jerry King Musser (Guitar), JHHS, ’68

Dave Still (Drums), JHHS, ’68

Joe Caloiero (Bass), McD, ‘67

Paul Stivale (Guitar), McD, ’66

Later member, from ‘66:

Chuck Oaks (Guitar)

l-r, Joe Caloiero, Paul Stivale

l-r, Paul Stivale, Joe Caloiero, Jerry Musser

(in background, on drums), Dave Still

Jerry Musser

l-r, Joe Caloiero, Paul Stivale, Dave Still

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The Donshires

front, Dave Still,   back row (l-r) Joe Caloiero, Paul Stivale, Jerry King Musser

   The Donshires played from mid 1964 until 1967, in the Harrisburg area. The band formed when Joe Caloiero and Paul Stivale, both graduates of Bishop McDevitt H.S. hooked up with Dave Still and Jerry Musser, John Harris grads. The friends practiced at Dave's house and soon were playing in the local area's dance and firehalls. Initially, the band's music was primarily influenced by the "British invasion of '64" and  American rock artists.

   A local DJ at the time, Ben Barber, had seen the band at some gigs and soon became the band's manager. The Donshires quickly became a popular band playing in the Harrisburg area. During this time, the Donshires recorded two songs at a local radio station. These songs can be heard on the Legend’s compilation CD from Arf-Arf Records.

  By early '66, Jerry Musser left the band and Chuck Oaks came on board. The band ‘s music started leaning to more of a soul style and the band began playing in local night clubs like 615 (in York), The Coral Club (in Hbg) and Martini’s (in Hershey).

   By Sept ’67 Dave Still started college. The logistics of trying to practice and play together became very difficult, so, shortly thereafter, the band decided to disband.

    Later, Joe Caloiero joined the Legends.