Back row, l-r.  Donny Wagner, Phil Kombs*, Cliff Oyster, Steve Thatcher

Front row, l-r.  Keith Rogers, Mike Franklin, Terry Brown, John Lutz, Alex Stathes

picture taken around 1968

Earlier versions of this band also included

Billy Richter.

The above information provided by Bill Corish, Phil Kombs and Mike Trucco.

  1. *Phil continues to play bass and is currently playing locally with the band Nightwind (1-20-08).

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    The Delcords was a successful soul/Motown style of band that played though out the Central PA area in the mid 60’s. Founded around 1964, the band began practicing at Bill Corish’s uncles’ place in the local area. The uncle, B.J. Lindsey, became the band’s manager. Bruce Rohrbach and Bob Hubbard were finding bookings for the band. Bruce still owns his own company and still books talent for local events.

     The name, Delcord was a popular name during the mid 60’s. There was a Delchord band in the York area, whose members subsequently became a part of the Magnificent Men. There was also a Delcord band in the Lancaster area. This band had several John Harris students: Bill Corish, Donny Wagner, Mike Franklin, Terry Brown and John Lutz.

     By 1967, the band was playing in larger venues and were traveling regularly up to 150 miles away. Locally, they played at the Sunny Club, the Raven and the Malibalu (previously Mt. View Teen Haven), but most gigs were out of the area at college frat parties.

     The Delcords continued to play into the early 1970’s.

  The Delcords were a soul/Motown style of band that started around 1964. Bill Corish, the original keyboardist, found a location to practice at his uncle, BJ Lindsey’s place. BJ became the band’s manager and hired Bruce Rohrbach and Bob Hubbard to book the band’s gigs. Forty years later, Bruce is still booking talent in the Harrisburg area with his company, Bruce Rohrbach Productions.

The Delcords - 1966

l-r. Alex Stathes, Bill Corish, Rick Shuman, Bill Harris, “?” Bashore,

Jim Nesbit and Dave “?”

Bill Corish

Dec 2007