Original Band Members:

Pat Navagato (R-Guitar), JHHS, ’66

Guy Ridge (Bass), JHHS, ’66

Barney Parrella (L-guitar), JHHS, ’66

Jim Leaman (Drums), JHHS, ’66

Bill Lee (Keyboard), Cumberland Valley, ’65

Later Band Members:

Larry Eby (Drums-summer ‘66)

Dennis Rowley (Guitar-summer ‘67)

Rick Hartz (Drums-summer ‘67)

    The Epsilons formed early in the spring of ’65 and played until August  ’66, then reformed June ’67’ and played until August ’67.

    The band played mostly popular British and American rock songs, but played in the Epsilon style, i.e. loud, driving dance beat, “wall of sound” style, never attempting to replicate the original recording. Another item, which distinguished the Epsilons from other bands in the area, was choreography. The band copied “moves” from Paul Revere and the Raiders (as seen on the TV show, “Where The Action Is”) and used them while playing songs.

    The Epsilons played mostly on the West Shore at fire halls in Plainfield, Newville, Silver Springs and at dance locations such as the Lykens Ballroom and Mt. View Teen Haven, in Duncannon (later becoming the Malibalu). The latter became “home base” for the Epsilons and the band played there every other week. The Epsilons also played at the Progress fire hall and in Hershey, plus at numerous “pool parties” in and around Harrisburg, during the summer months. The band played twice for JHHS students, appearing once at an auditorium football rally, playing the James Bond theme for a skit and at the post graduation dance held at an outdoor pavilion, at a park in Susquehanna township.

    Although, the Epsilons had 2 original songs, they never were recorded. The only recording of the Epsilons was as a backup band for a local singer.

above, l-r. Guy Ridge, Pat Navagato, Bill Lee,

Barney Parrella, Jim Leaman

above, l-r. Jim Leaman, Barney Parrella, Guy Ridge,

Bill Lee, Pat Navagato

at Mt. View Teen Haven

Epsilons playing at Mt. View Teen Haven

below, front row l-r. Barney Parrella, Guy Ridge, Bill Lee, Jim Leaman, Pat Navagato

Back row, Jack Ely (in red, original Louie Louie singer)

and the Kingsman (later, the Courtmen)

Epsilons playing at Mt. View Teen Haven

original play list, circa 1966 (click to enlarge)

Epsilon’s business card ‘65-’66

Epsilons playing at Mt. View Teen Haven

Epsilons in the Summer of 1966

l-r, Barney Parrella, Bill Lee, Pat Navagato,

Guy Ridge, Larry Eby

Epsilon’s 8mm movie (summer 1966)

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Original Epsilons, at the JHHS, Class of 1966, 40th Reunion

l-r. Barney Parrella, Guy Ridge, Jim Leaman, Al (Bill) Lee, Pat Navagato

John Bovard

Nate Segal